LEGO Friends

LEGOs are incredibly popular in this house.  For the longest time, Girl was perfectly content to play with Boy’s (and Dad’s from when he was young) “masculine” LEGO sets.  Recently LEGO designed a line targeted specifically to girls.  Pink & purple blocks, fashion, and cute pets punctuate the LEGO Friends branding.

It wasn’t long before the release of the LEGO Friends app.  This FREE app offers a lot including not requiring internet access to play.  Girl helped me write this review as Boy hasn’t been particularly interested in it.

How it works:  In the bottom right hand corner there is a “play” button.  This begins a matching game.  It shows a girl walking up a path that you need to “match” ~ hair, clothing, & shoes.  Tapping the check mark gives Girl a quick glimpse of the places in the room to visit in order to change the original character into the “match”.   The vanity allows for changing hair style & color, shirts/tops are in the wardrobe, skirt/shorts are found in the dresser, and shoes are under the bed.

Tapping on each “spot” in the bedroom gives the player the opportunity to select portions of the outfit.  If you forgot, you can tap the heart with the question mark (top left corner) and it will show the outfit to be matched.  After selecting the piece, click the check mark in the bottom right.  This dresses the player’s character.  After choosing hair, top, bottom, & shoes ~ tap the check mark in the bottom right hand corner of the bedroom.  If correct ~ the game awards money.  If incorrect, it plays a little tone and the player does not have another opportunity on that match.IMG_7293

The game is timed.  There is a little timer in the top right hand corner in the shape of a little flower.  As time runs down the flower petals turn a color.  The limit is 1 minute.  While this might seem like minimal time, it’s proven to be plenty for Girl to accomplish the task.  The “x” in the bottom right hand corner exits the game.

IMG_8870From the main screen ~ there is a button on the bottom left corner with a girl’s silhouette.  Tapping will take you into the same bedroom as the game.  Girl chooses whichever outfit she pleases.  Again, from the dresser, bed, & wardrobe.  Money earned during the game allows Girl to purchase more clothing options.  While dressing her character there are rounded arrows on either side of the LEGO girl that turns her to the left or right to have a better view of the ensemble.  The turned arrow on the bottom left returns to the room.  As a bonus, from the vanity Girl can not only customize her LEGO doll with various hair styles but also eye & skin color.  When finished, tap the check in the bottom right corner.  The newly dressed & styled character appears in the yard.  Girl wanted to make sure you know that if you push the “x” on the bottom right, the new style will not be saved.

Educational Value: Observation skills, matching, color recognition, and money skills all come to play in gentle and IMG_5877imaginative ways.

Drawbacks:  Girl let me know that if she didn’t play with it for a while, it seemed to reset.  She lost all money earned and outfits purchased in between   It didn’t seem to bother Girl ~ but I thought it would be nice, if an outfit was built incorrectly, it would give the opportunity to make corrections.


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